Primeal Organic White Quinoa Grown in France 400g

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This Organic Quinoa has : small grain size, light brown color, firm texture and strong flavor.

Made in France.


Origin : France
Content : 400 g

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Primeal French quinoa comes from varieties specially adapted to the climatic conditions of France. It has typical organoleptic characteristics: small grain size, brown color, firm texture and pronounced flavor.

Know more about Primeal :

Since 1989, Priméal has been a pioneering French brand, dedicated to promoting plant-based products’ pleasures and benefits. Continuously expanding its 100% organic offerings, Priméal caters to all generations, fostering a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The brand actively participates in developing organic, fair trade, and solidarity-based agricultural supply chains locally and globally. This approach supports agricultural partners, ensuring access to a diverse range of quality raw materials for creating healthy, delicious food.

Priméal is committed to ensuring the profitability and sustainability of its supply chains, entering supply contracts with its producers for a minimum of three years, with some partnerships lasting over a decade. The brand’s fair pricing policy allows farmers to plan for the future and secure their livelihoods.

  • Source of proteins.
  • Small grain size, firm texture and strong flavor.
  • Grown in France.
  • Certified Organic.

It is advisable to rinse and cook 1 volume of quinoa in 2 volumes of water, covered, for 12 to 15 minutes then salt. Can be eaten hot or cold in salads, salty or sweet. Provide 1 glass of raw quinoa (150g) for 2 people as a main dish.

White Quinoa Grown in France, certified Organic.

This Organic Quinoa has : small grain size, light brown color, firm texture and strong flavor.

Made in France – Bag of 400g.

Organic White Quinoa Grown in France.

Chimical ingredients.

White quinoa grown in France & Organic certified .

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