What is the CBF Reward Wallet :

Here, no point , no complicate rules ! 2% cash back on all your purchases ! Welcome to Cosmo Beauty France Fidelity Program aka CBF Reward Wallet !

How to have acess to CBF Reward Wallet ?

You just need to create an account on our webs site as below :



You can create an account during your purchase on the last check out page, please click the option ” create an account ” .

Rules about the CBF Reward Wallet :

The cash back you are saving in your CBF Reward Wallet on the actual order (today) can be use only in the next order to reduce the amount of your future purchase .

CBF Reward Wallet can save your cash back during 10 months from the purchase day . The 2% cash back are calculate only on the final amount (paid) on your purchase . (exclude shipping cost)

You can find in your account the history of all your purchase and cash back eearned .

Rule may change :

We reserve the right to modify these rule about CBF Reward Wallet at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website.
If we make changes to these rules , we will notify you here that it has been updated .

We are actual is beta testing, so the actual pourcentage of CBF Reward Wallet is 2% .

The definitive purcentage should be anonced : Junuary 2021 .

If you have any qustions please free to contact us via :

Facebook  : Cosmo Beauty France

Whatsapp : +852 6131 1157

Instagram : @cosmobeautyfrance

Email       : [email protected]

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