What is our return policy ? 
Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns for all items.

What is our shipping Method ?
SF express.

Do we ship internationally ?
We are currently delivering to Hong Kong and Macau.
However we will soon be expanding and reaching you in Taiwan and China. Please check back for updates on our website or feel free to contact us.

Shipping is it free ? 
YES! You qualify for free shipping with orders over 379 hkd for Hong Kong and Macau.

You don’t see your favorite products ? 
No worries. Let us do the work for you, research and bring you the best value for your money. Pleas contact us to pre-order you favorite skin care.

How to contact us :
Instagram : www.instagram.com/cosmobeautyfrance

Facebook : www.facebook.com/cosmobeautyfrance

Whatsapp : +852 6131 1157
Email : [email protected]

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