Primeal Organic Nerone Black Rice 500g

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Indulge in the unique flavor of Primeal Organic Nerone Black Rice, with subtle hints of blueberries and cooked blackberries, perfect for risottos and special occasions.
Sourced from organic Italian agriculture, this antioxidant-rich rice adds a healthy, gourmet touch to your meals.

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Discover the unique flavor of Primeal Organic Nerone Black Rice, featuring a subtle taste reminiscent of blueberries and cooked blackberries. Perfect for enjoying on its own or cooking up a delicious risotto, this rice is sourced from organic Italian agriculture

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Natural flavor and color
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Certified organic

Rinse 1 volume of Nerone black rice briefly and cook in 2 volumes of cold water, covered, for 45 minutes. Add salt to taste. Enjoy this rice on its own or as a base for risotto dishes.

Originally from China and highly prized by Chinese emperors, Nerone black rice is now cultivated in Italy.
Its dark, garnet color comes from natural pigments also found in blueberries, providing antioxidants for a healthy addition to your meals.

Nutritional Values per 100g
Energy: 1440 kJ / 340 kcal
Protein: 9.6 g
Carbohydrates: 66.1 g (of which sugars: 0.8 g)
Fat: 2.7 g (of which saturated: 0.4 g)
Fiber: 6.4 g

Organic Nerone Black Rice

Artificial flavors or preservatives

Whole grain black rice*.

*Ingredient from organic agriculture

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