Primeal Vegetable Broth Cube 72g (8x9g)

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Provides a salt-free, flavorful alternative for seasoning dishes, enhancing stocks, broths, and cooking water for cereals and pasta.
The versatile, easy-to-use cubes are perfect for low-sodium diets and elevating the taste of sauces and stews.


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    Provide a versatile, eco-friendly option to enhance the flavor of various dishes.

Primeal Vegetable Broth Cube 72g (8x9g) offers a salt-free, flavorful alternative to enhance your culinary creations. Packed with a variety of vegetable flavors, these cubes are a practical solution for seasoning dishes without adding extra salt. Simply dissolve a cube in boiling water to create stocks, broths, or to improve the taste of cooking water for cereals and pasta.

Additionally, the vegetable broth can be used to elevate the flavor of sauces and vegetable stews. Enjoy the convenience and rich taste of these versatile, salt-free vegetable broth cubes.

  • Salt-free, healthier seasoning option
  • Rich vegetable flavors
  • Enhances stocks and broths
  • Elevates sauces and stews
  • Convenient, easy-to-use cubes
  • Versatile culinary applications
  • Supports low-sodium diets

To use Primeal Vegetable Broth Cube 72g (8x9g):

Boil water: Heat ½ liter (about 2 cups) of water until boiling.
Dissolve cube: Add one cube to the boiling water and stir until it’s completely dissolved.
Create stocks and broths: Use the prepared vegetable broth for making stocks or broths.
Enhance flavor: Incorporate the vegetable broth to improve the taste of cooking water for cereals or pasta.
Boost taste in other dishes: Add the broth to dishes like vegetable stews or sauces to elevate their flavor.

Analyze nutrition (pour 100g of product per sec):

. Energy value: 2146KJ – 515KCAL
. Matières grasses: 31.1 g
. No saturating acid: 14.4 g
. Glucides: 49.0g
. Don’t sugar: 21.1g

Pour 100ml of product reconstitute:
. Energy value: 39KJ – 9Kcal
. Matières grasses: 0.6 g
. No saturating acid: 0.3 g
. Glucides: 0.9g
. Don’t sugar: 0.4 g

Pour 100g of this product:
. Fibers: 5.8g
. Proteins: 6.6g
. Sel: 0.3g

Pour 100ml of product reconstitute:
. Fibers: 0.1
. Proteins: 0.1g
. Sel: 0.1g

Made in germany – Cube [8x9g]

Organic ingredients.

Salt & Palm oil .

Shea butter*, vegetables 20% (tomatoes*, CELERY*, onions*, carrots*, leeks*, parsnip*), corn starch*, glucose syrup*, blond cane sugar*, yeast extract, spices* and herbs* (garlic*, lovage*, mace*, parsley*, CELERY leaves*, turmeric*, oregano*, rosemary*, thyme*, ginger*), concentrated vegetables* juice (CELERY*, carrots*, onions*) olive oil*, caramel*, sunflower oil*.

*Organically grown

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