Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner 500ml


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Eco-friendly, 100% plant-based solution designed to effectively remove milk residue and harmful bacteria from baby feeding equipment.
This biodegradable, fragrance-free formula is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, ECOCERT certified, and made in France, offering parents a safe and environmentally conscious option for cleaning all baby and family items without harsh chemicals or animal-derived ingredients.
Origin : France
Content : 500 ml

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Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner 500ml is an eco-friendly, plant-based solution for parents seeking a safe and effective way to clean their baby’s feeding equipment.
This biodegradable formula is specifically designed to tackle milk residue and harmful bacteria, ensuring your little one’s bottles and teats are squeaky clean before sterilization.

  • Cleans & degreases all baby utensils
  • Eliminates milk residue and bacteria effectively
  • 100% plant-based and biodegradable formula
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Removes stubborn white film from bottles
  • Safe for all baby and family items
  • Certified ECOCERT & Made in France.

Add 3ml of Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner to 5L of water. For heavily soiled items, double the dosage to 6ml.
Wash thoroughly and rinse with clear water. For best results, follow up with proper sterilization.

Ideal for cleaning baby bottles, teats, and other feeding equipment. Safe for use on all baby and family items.
Suitable for those with sensitive skin. Nutritional value: Not applicable – this product is for external use only.

Made in France – Bottle of 500 ml .

• 100% plant-based cleaning agents
• Biodegradable formula

Free from fragrances, colorings, parabens, and animal-derived ingredients. Not tested on animals. Contains no harsh chemicals that could irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

5-15% anionic surface agents, <5% amphoteric surface agents, non-ionic surface agents.

Also contains: Water, Salt, Acidity corrector

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