Biolane Expert Physiological Saline Solution 20x5ml

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A sterile nasal & ophthalmic treatment in single-dose container.

Its soft tip is perfectly adapted to a baby’s nostril, cleaning it safely without any risk of injury.
Guaranteed sterile and preservative-free.


Origin : France
Content : 20x5ml ml

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Biolane is a skincare brand specially formulated to take care of baby’s delicate skin thanks to formulas based on ingredients of natural origin (95% on average).

Physiological serum in the form of nasal drops packaged in sterile single doses, easy to carry and always at hand are ideal for washing the nose from an early age.
The Physiological Serum formula contains purified water, and decongestant sodium chloride, to help evacuate phlegm and clean the nasal passages. This serum, recommended by the medical profession for the prevention or treatment of colds, can be used to clean the eyes.

Guaranteed sterile and preservative-free.

  • Baby’s nose is gently cleansed.
  • Perfect for cleaning eyelids and nostrils
  • Safe solution with a round tip for baby’s comfort
  • Guaranteed sterile and preservative-free,
  • Travel format in single-use doses, practical to carry everywhere with you

Disposable. Do not inject. Read the instructions carefully.

Disposable. Do not inject. Read the instructions carefully.

Guaranteed sterile and preservative-free.

Disposable. Do not inject. Read the instructions carefully.

Guaranteed sterile and preservative-free.

Made in France – 20×5 ml single doses

Sodium Chloride.


Sodium chloride 0.9 g, Purified water qsp 100 ml.

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