Bioderma Hydrabio Serum Intense Hydration 40ml

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An intense hydration generator serum for very dehydrated sensitive skin. The game-changer your sensitive skin deserves! Made in France .


Origin : France
Content : 40 ml

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Introducing Bioderma Hydrabio Serum, a powerful hydration booster specifically designed for very dehydrated, sensitive skin.
This 40ml French-made serum is formulated with our patented Aquagenium™ technology, which enables your skin to rediscover its natural hydration capabilities and retain essential moisture for optimal balance.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid, xylitol, and glycerin, this trifecta of top-notch moisturizing ingredients works together to quench your skin’s thirst, filling hydration gaps and locking in moisture for long-lasting results. With its ultra-fresh, non-comedogenic gel texture, our serum is not only gentle on sensitive skin but also leaves no residue behind.

Experience immediate hydration with Hydrabio Sérum, as it replenishes your skin’s daily water needs and jumpstarts its natural rehydration mechanisms. The synergy of Aquagenium™ and powerful hydrating actives, including hyaluronic acid, xylitol, and glycerin, stimulates three essential hydration processes: delivering water to the skin, maintaining in-depth moisture, and promoting circulation by encouraging the production of aquaporin water channels.

Transform your skin with this dermatologically-tested serum, as it restores comfort, suppleness, and radiance. Embrace the future of skincare with Bioderma Hydrabio Serum, your ultimate solution for deeply hydrated, glowing skin.

  • Moisturises instantly and lastingly
  • Smoothes the skin and restores radiance
  • Immediate, long-lasting results
  • Excellent make-up base
  • Very good tolerance – Non-comedogenic.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

To effectively use Bioderma Hydrabio Serum, follow these steps:

Cleanse your face and neck thoroughly using a gentle cleanser suitable for sensitive skin.
Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
Apply the serum to your face and neck in the morning and evening.
Gently massage the serum into your skin using upward and outward motions, ensuring even coverage.

Allow the serum to absorb fully before applying any additional treatments or moisturizers.

If desired, follow up with a targeted treatment from the Hydrabio range for enhanced benefits.
This serum is specifically designed for sensitive, dehydrated skin and can be used on both the face and neck.

Who is it suitable for?
Adults and Teens.

This serum is specifically designed for sensitive, dehydrated skin and can be used on both the face and neck.

Tested under dermatological control.

Made in France – Pump bottle 40 ml .

Patented Aquagenium™ technology: This unique formula helps the skin regain its natural hydration capacities and retain essential moisture.
Hyaluronic acid: A powerful humectant that attracts and binds moisture to the skin, improving hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Xylitol: A natural sugar alcohol that helps maintain moisture balance and supports the skin’s barrier function.
Glycerin: A well-known moisturizing agent that attracts water to the skin and helps keep it hydrated, soft, and smooth.

Aqua, Glycerin, Xylitol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Mannitol, Rhamnose, Fructooligosaccharides, Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract, Niacinamide, Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract, Dimethicone, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hexyldecanol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Disodium EDTA, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance.

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